The Darkness Comic Book

I found this comic book my step dad had the comics aren’t really all that old, their first release was in 1996. There made by three different people Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl and there published by Top Cow Productions. After the comic was stopped in 2000 for a couple years it was brought back out in 2002. The comic is based on a main character named Jackie Estacado who was an outcast at a young age and joined the mob at 14 years old and when he turned 21 his powers started to come out and he learned he has the power of THE DARKNESS. But with this power also comes a lot of enemies that want to end his life and he has a bunch of little minions that he can control and a lot of cool powers in order to protect himself and his family, even though he isn’t a good guy and doesn’t abide by the law he’s still a super hero. 


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