The Lakers Logo

I decided to blog about the Los Angeles Lakers logo, I feel like their logo has a lot of history because it was designer in the 60’s and has changed a couple different times throughout the years. The Lakers have always been an elite team in the NBA and are also one of the most liked NBA teams by fans so a logo change for a team of their caliper has to be done just right or else all the fans could be disappointed, but the logo has had no disappointments yet all the logos fit the team just right they just change with the generations. The Lakers started out as the Detroit Gems in the NBL (National Basketball League) but was bought by Minneapolis “The land of 10,000 lakes” which is why they got named the Lakers, the logo then was a lot different from the logo now used and their colors were blue and yellow until bought in 1961 by Los Angeles. I couldn’t find any information about who actually made any of the logos but the first logo was a darker colored version of the logo that’s used now. They than used a logo that was a lighter version of the logo they use now. After all the logo changes the logo still looks pretty much the same, it just changed with the times, and now they have a primary and secondary logo.


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